During these 4 workshops, you will learn the skills and gain insight to increase your chances of winning business games. The training sessions will take place during the evening and each session will be approximately 1 hour to 1.30 hours long.

26 October - Workshop pitching

You will be introduced to the art of pitching. This is essential to business games as you will be pitching every case in front of a jury

3 November - Workshop strategy consulting

Get an introduction to the different types  of strategy cases you can encounter and learn how to solve them.

9 November - Workshop negotiation 

Learn the basic concepts of negotiation, which are rooted in the Harvard Program On Negotiation.

16 November - Workshop marketing

Marketing cases are very common in business games. Learn the different steps and possibilities when advising a company on a marketing problem.

Semester 2

Case day

During the second semester, the Track members will use their new knowledge on the Case Day and will show their skills in numerous Business Games such as the Solvay Business Game and the BCG Strategy Cup.

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