What is a business game?

Business games are simulation events in which you solve cases for companies. These can be related to a broad range of topics, such as marketing, strategy, and negotiation. In a limited time frame, you and your team will have to come up with an idea or solution and pitch it in front of a jury.


No need for a background in economics

No, consulting is multidisciplinary. Students from all faculties are welcome in the Business Game Track. Every year, business game participants come from diverse backgrounds such as engineering, law, psychology and business engineering. All necessary skills will be taught during the workshops.


Prepare. Perform. Strive for excellence.

By engaging in our series of workshops in Leuven, you will be taught the skills and given the insights necessary to increase your chances of winning business games. Our trainings are a combination of theory and practice. This toolbox will also be of great value for you in your future professional career.


During the second semester, the Track members will use their new knowledge on the Case Day and will show their skills in numerous Business Games such as the Solvay Business Game and the BCG Strategy Cup.

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